Friday, July 09, 2010

Pirates Take over Summer Camp

It's "Dress Like a Pirate" Day at Summer Safari (camp) and we really got into it.

I actually drew up a treasure map (on a torn grocery paper bag) with hints around the house for Little K to follow to the treasure chest. We'll do that after Daddy and Little K return from camp and the pediatrician. (A bad case of the coughs make it hard for my little pirate to say "Arrr!")

With a white t-shirt, brown pants and a bandana on her head, my sweet girl headed to camp with her map in hand. Upon arrival, the camp counselor was preparing the kids with temporary tattoos. So cool!

Earlier in the week, they had made pirate hats from black construction paper. The treats today included a wristband compass, an eye patch and a necklace. Activities are including: walk the plank (an old mattress), water balloon toss to the other pirates' sail (a bed sheet with a pirate image across it) and more. I can't wait to hear about the day's activities.

It seems like this theme would also be great for a pirate birthday party. How fun!

Until the next nap time...