Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Who Knew I'd Learn So Much in Pre-Kindergarten

I just got home from my Board meeting, paid the babysitter and looked in the mirror when I realized my face was adorned with glitter. Nice. I suppose this comes with being the mother of a Pre-K student since not only her artwork but also her dolls, purses and outfits shine with the sticky stuff. How I missed the face of glitter before my Board meeting, I don't know. Is that why our normally 2+ hour meeting lasted just under an hour? Maybe folks couldn't hold in their laughter any more?

Pre-K has brought about several interesting things, including:
- the comment that one boy smells good. When I asked about this, Little K said that the boy puts perfume on the back of his neck. "What are you doing smelling a boy's neck?" I inquired. "No, Mommy. He told me." Okay, I guess.

- When Little K saw a nun this morning with Father Clint, she asked me if the lady was his mother. I quickly realized that my daughter has not ever met a nun. I now have another item on my To Do list.

- My daughter insists that I should NOT put cookies in her lunch. "They're not healthy," she says. I really thought animal crackers/cookies were acceptable but Mommy continues to learn a lot in Pre-K.

- Little K's favorite thing at school? Nap time. "Really, what about art, music, Spanish, religion, reading," I asked, launching the Spanish Inquisition at the Salch household. "Nope, it's nap 'cause it's short," she said simply.

What funny things do your kids say? Or friends' kids say?

Until the next nap time...