Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cookies, cookies, cookies

Since nursery school was canceled today due to the storms and we couldn't drive anywhere, Little K & I made cookies, cookies, cookies. It started out simple enough with sugar cookies. We used Trent's Aunt Denny's recipe. While super tasty, the recipe doesn't make much. Of course, we taste tested so much of the dough, that we could have been the culprit.

Since my mom always makes oatmeal raisin cookies when it rains but Grand is not feeling well today, we decided to make our own. I tried this recipe from Quaker Oats. Unfortunately, I started off the mixing by adding twice as much butter as the recipe called for so we had to double everything. No problem. We'll share the cookies. Well, Little K went down for her nap and I kept baking the batch. I think I have over 100 cookies now. I'm plating them for family and neighbors, thankfully.

The cutest part was when I handed Little K the beater so she could eat some of the dough. As I used to explain to my own mom, she replied: "But it doesn't have enough on it to eat, Mommy." I smiled and handed her a spoonful of dough. All calories aside, it's been a fun day.

Until the next nap time...

Free Movies

If you think it's safe to get out of the house this morning, here's something fun for you & the kiddos despite the rain.

This movie theater is playing free movies for kids at 10 am.

Marq*E Stadium 23 & IMAX
7600 Katy FreewayHouston ,TX 77024713-263-7843

Doogal (G)
Are We There Yet? (PG)

Until the next nap time...