Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Things to Do with Kids When It Rains Outside

Many thanks to Shannon for writing in with some great low-cost ideas for kid-friendly activities around greater Houston. Below are Shannon's contributions. Hope to see you at some of these events.

Lowes Build and Grow series”. Shannon's child had a great time. It is FREE and last week, they built a birdhouse. On May 9, the project is building this cute planter for a flower pot. What a fun way to welcome spring! Lowes is promoting it as a nice gift for Mother's Day. I'd rather Little K keep it for herself and watch her plant grow.

The first 50 kids to register and be present at the store at 10 am will receive a kit, aprons and goggles. As Shannon says, "With tight wallets, this is a great way for kids to get out and do something with dad (or mom) and not spend any money."

Also, Shannon's family has loved doing the crafts on Saturdays at Lakeshore Learning. I have to agree. I love shopping for my daugther at Lakeshore Learning because its games are educationally focused, although Little K doesn't seem to notice that I'm sneaking that in. Lakeshore recommends the activties for kids age 3 and up but I think age 4 and up is better. (I know, not a big difference but a little.) This Saturday, kids will make this "Hug the Earth" globe in honor of Earth Day, which is technically Wednesday, April 22. I think this will be a creative project to get Little K thinking about recycling and caring for the planet. Plus, I need to pick up a birthday gift for a classmate so I'll likely find something at Lakeshore.

Shannon also reports that Barnes and Noble does story time during the week and on Saturdays and sometimes combines the book with a related craft as well. Check out the activities at your local Barnes & Noble for details. Shannon's family went for Valentine’s day and they had a story, craft, juice and a cupcake. Bring your family to the Barnes & Noble at Town & Country Village on Saturday, April 25 from 2-5 pm to learn more about my book and fun summer activities. I'd love to see you there!

Shannon pointed out that "Right now they even have an advertisement for “Turn off Week” April 20-26th with even more activities." I love the idea of encouraging kids (& adults) to turn off the TVs, computers and video games to do something together. Reading gets bonus points in my book. Check out Barnes & Noble's Turnoff Week page to discover which activities they'll offer in your neck of the woods.
Hope your families have a ball, despite the stormy weather in Houston. Until the next nap time...