Friday, June 23, 2006

Cheap Fun for Houston Kids in the Rain & Heat

It's tough to find kids activities when it's raining in Houston... and it's been raining a lot. First, my daughter & I drove to downtown. Free parking was available near Milam and Prairie. Yeah! We then walked down Milam to the JP Morgan Chase Bank Building, where my little one fell in love with the colorful statue. It shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. Next, we entered the building and rode the escalator down to the underground tunnel system. Now this is cool for kids old enough to realize that it's like a city below the streets. However, my one year old preferred the escalator ride. Sounds good to me. Free entertainment in the air conditioning where it's dry!

Later, we returned to the downtown streets and headed to Main Street, where the Metro Rail runs. The Metro Rail has gotten some flack but we loved our ride. I bought two all-day passes for $2.50 from the ticket machines at the Metro stop. I didn't even need to buy that much but as a first-timer, I wasn't sure. We met lots of Houstonians riding the Metro Rail and enjoyed our tour of downtown Houston. We decided to end our stop at Hermann Park but since it was pouring down rain, we headed back north on the Metro Rail for our second stop. It was easy and cheap fun for my daughter. I highly recommend it. Tips: wear shorts & walking shoes. Use a backpack so you can best help your child cross the busy streets while holding his/her hand.

Until the next nap time...