Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Travel Tips for Youngsters

I love gum. I chew it all the time. I especially like the Eclipse Big E Packs made to slide right into your cup holder in the car. What's extra cool? Once you've finally chewed through all that gum, you actually have the perfect container for kids' snacks.

1) It fits into their cup holders, too.
2) There are two openings on these containers. One lets folks poor out the snacks into little hands. (Think Cheerios.) The other opening actually lifts up & open so that little hands can reach inside. (Think candy.)
3) The lids stay attached so you don't ever lose them.
4) The containers are plastic so your kids won't break them (well, unless he's a member of The Incredibles... Carson, that means you!)
5) The container came with a big pack of gum so who cares if you only use it on one car trip.

Hope this tip helps you. I love it. I now have Little K's container & another one full of gum for our Memorial Day drive. Ahhh..... Come on weekend!

Until the next nap time...