Friday, April 08, 2011

Baytown Nature Center

After presenting to a MOPs group in Baytown today, I got lots of tips on family-friendly things to do in that area. Thank you, moms!

We began yet another field trip, this time with Daddy, too! We visited the Baytown Nature Center, which has recently

started a new addition. We liked the children's playground that featured carvings from trees that fell during various hurricanes. Little K Really liked the slide & exploring in the area. She even found a lady bug. The Center has big expansion plans & we were impressed with the master plan that we saw from a board member. Here's hoping all the funding comes through so the Center can continue it's build-out.

We wandered over to the pier to watch ships heading out to sea while men fished. The sea breeze felt good softly blowing on our faces.

The land once was a neighborhood that was wiped out during Hurricane Alicia. I suppose

the broken bricks near the bay are remnants.

We crossed the Fred J. Hartman bridge (photo above) to head to the San Jacinto Monument & Battleship Texas. Who said skipping school (kindergarten) wasn't educational?

- Until the next nap time...

Location:W Bayshore Dr,Baytown,United States