Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blessings of Children & Godchildren

For those of you wondering why I haven't been blogging, I apologize. I'm not a slacker. Work has been super busy & we just returned from a short trip to Denver to see good friends and (of special note) my Godson and my new Goddaughter. Besides the wonderful lack of humidity in Denver, I've been thinking of some of the things I've taken away from the trip.

- Children never cease to amaze me. They come in all shapes, sizes & personalities, yet they're all so adaptable.

- Kids really just need family members who love them. With two of my Godchildren being adopted, it's awesome to see how well they acclimate to new families & never miss a beat. When a child falls down, he/she cries for Mommy & Daddy without any concern about where they technically came from or who their biological parents are.

- Almost every parent truly tries to raise their children the best way they know how. We all make different decisions but tackle family life with quite similar goals.

- Lastly, I think my own daughter could just feel my love for my Godchildren & so she wants to love them too. Again, children never cease to amaze me. I hope you are equally blessed with your own children & Godchildren.

Until the next nap time...