Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Astros!

Last Saturday, we decided to go to the Astros game. It was fairly unlike us to make a last-minute decision like that but I'm so glad we did. We sat on an upper level but just to the left of home plate. The view was really pretty good. Plus, I could see Astros owner Drayton McLane sitting in the front row of the first level so I was pleased.

It wasn't long before Little K was asking for a treat. Before I knew it, she had struck a deal with her daddy to go to the Astros shop after the 4th inning. From there on out, Little K asked if it was time yet every five minutes. I tried to teach her about the game (& get her mind off of buying something she clearly doesn't need). Since Little K is playing t-ball this year for the first time, she was able to better grasp the concepts and cheered for the Astros... then asked if it was time to get a treat.

I remembered time after time when my grandparents took me and two of my cousins to Astros games in the old Astrodome. They'd feed us over & over again, plus Grandmother always brought candy for us and the other kids sitting around us. While ticket prices weren't as high as they are now, I wondered how my grandparents did this regularly for years.

Soon, it was time for the treat. Trent took Little K to the shop and returned with a huge Astros monkey. I suppose it's a "rally monkey", although the home team didn't need it. We won against the Pirates. Yeah! After the purchase, Little K's heart sang with glee. Her monkey cheered for the Astros, too, and then tickled his new fan. Indeed, we will now have a new friend to accompany us to future Astros games.

Until the next nap time...