Saturday, September 09, 2006

Family Tree with One Limb?

Ahhh... my little one is taking a Saturday morning nap. So what, you say? That morning nap has been "outgrown" for months. Its pleasant return on a weekend was a God send.

Which leads me to another thought... I was watching my daughter running through her grandparents' house earlier today and realized how much she's grown. At 17 months, her exploratory skills are being finetuned. But it seems just yesterday that she was learning to walk. I'm now at the point where so many adults ask when I'll have my second child. Will I? I'm not sure. Why is it that people are in a rush to build out my family tree? Perhaps ours will remain lean but strong. Or maybe another limb will be added down the road. In any case, I've decided to focus on the child I have for now but I hope I never pressure others to make family decisions that might not be right for them. After all, it's still a personal decision.

It's interesting, too, to note that in my effort to capture all of my daughter's special moments in photographs, I've actually learned something else. Her childhood memories will not be specific to one of those moments but all of them. Her life will not be one defining moment but a mixture of many. And so old mom can ease back a bit and not fret about forgetting the camera (again!). Life is full of many moments that aren't categorized and captured but experienced and relished. This weekend I hope your family enjoys many pleasant moments. My family will.

Until the next nap time...

Go Longhorns!