Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

When I think of fall, pumpkins always come to my mind. That's why we headed to Dewberry Farm three years ago to pick out a pumpkin from an actual pumpkin patch. Ever since, we've made Dewberry Farm an annual favorite.

They've added quite a bit of activities since last year, from a new fort to climb to the people-size gerbil running wheels that will give the adults a real workout. We should have allowed more time but we only had about two hours. We arrived around 7 pm since we wanted to see the 350 jackolanterns carved with themes from the NFL to Disney and Hollywood. Tip: Bring a flashlight so you can better navigate the half-mile jackolantern tour and be ready for a long line. Bring plenty of cash since the admission price does not include everything within the farm.
All in all, we really loved the trip again. This year, Little K said her favorite was the swing. It's an old horse walker that has bags of sand (or something similar) hanging from them. Kids can grab hold of the sand bags and whirl around the circle. (See Little K at left.) Just hang on tight. I loved the hayride but I do love cuddling. Hope you and your families can make time for this special treat.

Until the next nap time...