Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Houston Zoo suspends"'Free First Tuesdays"

I learned this morning that the Houston Zoo will stop offering its "Free First Tuesdays" promotion -- at least through the end of the summer. There are concerns about heavy traffic outside hospitals in the nearby Texas Medical Center. According to Fox26, "On June 5, more than 12,000 people visited the zoo, causing a massive traffic backup."

Our family headed to the Houston Zoo for Spring Break in March 2011, when it took 45 minutes to park. Little K still talks about how frustrating that wait was. This past Spring Break, the City of Houston and the Zoo worked together to announce plans to accommodate 350,000 visitors during one week.

To me, it seems as if the Zoo should be interested in developing a parking garage in the area  in order to encourage visitors to quickly park and enter the zoo so the Zoo can make more money. The other attractions could also take advantage of the parking garage. Shoot, I would even pay to park if I could do so quickly. I have to do it at the doctor's office. Why not a public attraction that I'd like to support but don't want to wait for. Just my two cents.

What do you think? 

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Until the next nap time...