Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pei Wei Restaurant Gets Gold Star

Lunch time today found my daughter and me at Pei Wei restaurant, an Asian food eatery, on Waugh Drive near Dallas Street. While I love the food there, I wasn't sure how kid-friendly it would be. What a wonderful surprise! The kids menu has a few options for children age 12 and younger for only $3.95, including a drink and fortune cookies. The kids menu is small but tasty indeed. A plastic cup & straw made it easy sipping for my daughter.

I chose the spicy chicken salad and a drink, again for under $4, and found it lip-smacking good. I also appreciated the fact that, while most people were dressed in business attire, my exercise gear didn't seem to bother anyone... My daughter waiving at everyone could have had a positive effect on them though.

Extra cool things for kids: Pei Wei also has "fun sticks" for kids, which are pint-sized chop sticks to help kids give Asian eating a real effort. The staff was very accommodating, which always makes parents breathe easier. The restaurant had both high chairs and infant carrier slings, which is important for the Houston families with little babies. The hard surfaces inside Pei Wei like the uncarpeted floor and wipeable tables gets a thumbs up. These contribute to a restaurant with lively conversation that's not overbearing but works with a talkative youngster. Plus, the manager was on site to greet my daughter and wave her good-bye. This is a new favorite restaurant. Check it out with your youngster and let me know your thoughts.

Until the next nap time...