Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Story of the Tomato

This spring we decided that our family would start a small garden. Great PaPa Don has an amazing garden in Ohio. It's been so much fun over the years that we tried one ourselves. Remembering to water the darn plants in the Texas heat remains a challenge. However, yesterday, we reaped the "first fruits of our labor" so to speak.

The blackberry plant finally turned one of its red berries to a rich black. Little K was quick to snatch it up. Before I knew it, the sole blackberry was gone. "Yummy!," Little K said.
The tomato plants are at last turning their taut green jewels into luscious red. Here, my husband Trent & our daughter Little K pull two of the reds for a pre-dinner snack. Now here's where the comedy enters.
Little K & I took the tomatoes inside to wash them. My daughter was so eager that she kept putting the fruit up to her mouth. Before a bite mark in the red flesh appeared, I grabbed it. At the same time, I'm thinking What's a little dirt? It's not that big of a deal if the tomato isn't washed. Unless of course, there's a caterpillar crawling on it. YUCK!

I showed Little K the caterpillar & cleverly explained that that's why we wash our food before eating it. The caterpillar wanted some food, too, but now he's been washed away. Little K looked at me with unconvinced eyes. My husband & I promised there were no more caterpillars.
I carefully sliced the beautiful, home-grown tomato. We sprinkle pepper on it and start eating them. Suddently, Little K stares right in the middle of her slice and drops the tomato in alarm.
"There's a DOG in there!" she exclaimed.
"There's a what in your tomato?" I ask half amused.
"A dog. There's a dog in the tomato," she said assuredly.
My husband & I peer into the tomato, only to find the fruit's innards -- tasty & as Mother Nature intended. We howled in laughter while Little K quickly moved on. There was no convincing her that a DOG could NOT fit into her tomato slice. Oh well.
Until the next nap time...