Thursday, January 01, 2009

Family Visit to Breckenridge Brings Skiing Surprises

Our trip to Breckenridge has been too fun. Little K took her first ski lesson with a family friend who is also a Breck ski instructor named Nico yesterday. Nico said if Little K did well, they would maybe try a ski lift on Wednesday. By the time the adults got to our ski lift, Little K and Nico were already headed up. She did great.
Last night, we went down to the mountain base at about 6 pm to watch the ski team ski down the mountain holding poles with red flares. It was so beautiful to see the red glowing lights gliding down the mountain. Everyone cheered when the skiiers arrived at the base. We returned to the condo at the base of Peak 9, had dinner and then at about 9 pm, we watched the beautiful fireworks glowing on the snow. Little K had already been in bed but woke up to the booming. Once she realized what the sound was, she came downstairs with Mommy to watch the fireworks.

Today, Little K and Nico went up the Quick Silver lift and then the A Lift today. She skiied what we consider a "baby bowl"today. I couldn't believe it. When I skiied it yesterday, I was a bit nervous. Like most kids, she has no fear and doesn't understand why I would be scared. My sister-in-law reminds me that our distance to the ground is much greater than a 3-year-old's but it continues to surprise me how little my daughter fears... even if she does much of the mountain in a snow plough. Ouch! My knees would cry in pain.
After the adults skiing about 5 hours today, we are staying in tonight to have Dorothy Orton Chicken casserole (a family fave). Aunt Susu and Drew have just wrapped up another game of Candy Land game with Little K as I try to recover from skiing. My legs are aching from the workout. Our ski instructor has the day off tomorrow, so Trent and I will ski the green slopes with Little K on Friday. It sounds like Uncle Bax will come up from Denver to join us, too, and I think Aunt Susu and friend Drew will join us in the morning. Then, while Little K naps, we'll head for the blue slopes. The snow is plentiful, the company cheerful. We continue to pray for Popi as he pushes through chemo to battle his cancer. Cici remains strong and faithful. In the mean time, we savor every moment of this family time.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your families. Until the next nap time...