Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Trip to the Movie Theatre

Little K & I went on our first trip to the movie theatre today with our MOPS in the Heights group. I was a little worried that Little K wouldn't be able to sit through the entire show but figured it was a free movie so we should try it. I'm so glad we did.

We saw "Open Season" today at the cinema at the MarquE on I-10. It was really cute. While admission was free, it felt funny walking in and not getting a ticket. I walked up to two empty ticket booths and then looked at the ticket taker blankly. "No need for a ticket, ma'm," he said. I just had to make sure. So we walk in free, but my sidekick saw popcorn and REALLY needed some. Almost $9 later, she had a bag of popcorn & we shared a water. Glad I went to the bank first. While Little K stood up a few times in the middle of the show or crawled into my lap, she really did well. Some kids were noisier but everyone takes it in stride. "Open Season" is also playing tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10 am or check out the movies listed below that are playing over the next 2 weeks.

07/24-07/25 Rugrats: The Movie (G) and Over The Hedge (PG)
07/31-08/01 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (G) and RV (PG)

My dad used to take me on "dates" as a child. We'd go to James Coney Island for lunch and then catch a matinee movie like ET or Disney's Song of the South. This way, I'd always be able to say that my first date was with a real gentleman. (And you better believe I told my college dates about this.) My husband is now looking forward to taking Little K on dates to the movies.

Until the next nap time...