Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peanuts, It Is

We got the test results back on the peanut allergy testing today. On a scale of 0 being no allergy and a 6 being fatally allergic to peanuts, Little K is a high 3, almost a 4. (She has 15.2 units per litre of the histamine in her blood stream. Scale/rating 3 only goes up to 17 units.) Our allergy doctor recommends having Benadryl strips on hand in case of an episode. He actually does not recommend EpiPens on young children because it's extremely rare that a young child goes into shock and needs an EpiPen. That is more common in teens. Plus, according to our doctor, an EpiPen only stays in a person's system for 20 minutes -- enough time to get to a doctor. Benadryl stays in the system longer and, in my humble opinion, is easier to administer. The emergency room also administers Benadryl upon the first signs of an allergic reaction. We'll need to have Kylie tested each year at Texas Children's Hospital to monitor the severity of her allergy because that can increase or decrease year after year. In the mean time, I should probably invest in McNEIL-PPC, Inc. (the maker of Benadryl) stock.

So in short, the news could be better, but it definitely could be worse. I'll focus my attention on the good and do what I can to keep Little K away from peanuts. Is the glass half full or half empty? It's not full of peanuts, that's for sure! I'll say half full.

Until the next nap time...