Monday, January 23, 2006

Kids Love Galveston Beach & More

The weather was cold and foggy, but my 9 month old daughter Kylie really enjoyed Pirates Beach in Galveston Sunday. Too cold to swim, mommy and baby took a stroll on the sandy beach. Kylie loved to watch the frothy tide chase her up the beach and she giggled when mommy ran up the beach juggling the baby. We found beautiful shells, although the really pretty ones were broken. Kylie seemed to really like the birds that canvassed the sand and flew low in the skies above our heads.

A lot of Houstonians grumble when they hear "Galveston", but I encourage them to take another look. The beach itself provides a wonderful learning opportunity for youngsters. (I showed Kylie hundreds of shells scattered about & told her there were more people in the city of Houston than that. As she gets older, examples like this will help her put things into perspective.) We find the island a great relaxation destination. Great seafood is everywhere, too, and most restaurants are very family-oriented. Waterman's Restaurant on the west end of the island was perfect Saturday night with my little one. The staff was very considerate of the baby and Kylie enjoyed the bread and snacks they provided. Plus, Mardi Gras is just around the corner in February and there are a couple of really good children's parades. Check it out.

Until the next nap time...