Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Hair Cut

At what age should your child's first hair cut be?

I think boys likely get their first trim earlier. Little K's hair is so long but people are always surprised that she hasn't had her first hair cut although she's 3.5 years old.

Today was Little K's big (hair) day.

I took her to Salon Vendome on San Felipe near the Galleria since I've had Jeff Brandon cutting and highlighting my hair for almost as long as I've been married. Jeff has a daughter of his own so he understands how we value long locks. He promptly propped K up on a booster and gave her a leopard "cape". Then, he went to work on the Princess. I couldn't believe how still my daughter sat. I assure you our morning hair styling is much more challenging.

Both Mommy & K emphasized that we only wanted to trim the dead ends off, not much at all. Jeff had her hair trimmed in about 5 minutes and then did this super cool French brain from one to the other, with an extra hair hanging beautifully along her back.
Big kuddos to Jeff Brandon for making Little K's first hair cut a sensational show. Little K feels like a gorgeous Princess and couldn't wait to show her daddy her new hair-do.
Until the next nap time...