Thursday, November 09, 2006

Small Talk about Veterans Makes Big Impression for Kids

With a family full of teachers, I spoke with one of my aunts to learn how she explains Veterans' Day to her students. In turn, Aunt Kenny explained that she focuses the discussion on the fact that veterans and soldiers aren't always carrying a gun. She then asked her class of third graders to write an essay on the importance of Veterans' Day. I've included some excerpts of these essays below to give parents insight into childrens' thoughts on the war on terrorism and Veterans' Day. I have not corrected any spelling and grammar because I think the real copy shows how even young children hear the words adults use and have some grasp of what these words mean even when the kids are so young that they're unsure of how to spell the words.

"We honor the veterans because they fought for us and served in the war. They also protect us. That is why we honor them. It is very important to thank them for protecting the U.S.A. My grandpa served in World War II."

"I think we should honor veterans day because they try to keep us safe and try's to help are contry. I think veterans are people that helps us and do good things for us. If we didn't have veterans I don't know what we would do because they fight for us and saves are contry." - Shelbi

"We honor our veterans because they fight for our freedom. They protect our country. Some have been injured and some even get killed in war. Thank you, veterans for your service." - Sloane

"We honor are veterans because they risk their live to fight for the contry we LOVE and some times they die from it so we honor them. But they do not only fight. They can help them when they are heart and be a veteran." - Hannah

"We selibrayt Vetrens day becose the pepol in the army and navy and military give ther lifes up to sayv us. Vetrens day is like saying thank you to all of them. My cosen is in the army and she is in iyroc and I hope she is ok!!!" - Leyla

"If we didn't have soldiers we would be sick and if no war fought for us, Europe and other countrys would be controling us and we would not have any freedom." - Ciara

"We onor our veterans because there the people that helped America become a better place to be. Veterans are people that served the milatary. We our putting on a play to onor our veterans. My mom is a veteran. I'm sure that lots of veterans have to make sacrifices for there family." - Rachael

"We honor Veterans day because they fought to free are country. I hope we win all of the wars. I hope we beat the terist. Go USA!!!" - Brendon

"You should honor veterans because they at least served in war, helped get things read, and lots more. Veterans Day honors people like the unknown Soldier who fought in world war I. The veterans died to put world to peace. That is why veterans day is so important." - no name listed

Show your gratitude by attending Houston’s Veterans’ Day Celebration. On Saturday, a commemorative ceremony will take place from 10-11 am at Hermann Square in front of City Hall at 901 Bagby Street. At 11 am, there will be a moment of silence to honor all veterans and the signing of the WWI Armistice. A flyover will occur at 11:30 am, kicking off the parade, which will begin at Texas and Smith, head down Smith to Lamar, turn right on Lamar and conclude at Bagby Street. A post-parade "Rally for America" will culminate on the steps of City Hall. Our veterans deserve recognition and thanks. Your children will emulate your gratitude.