Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flu Shot

Last Friday, I got a flu shot. I've made the mistake of not getting one in the past and regretted it in January when I was sick as a dog. This year, I hope to escape the bug.

But what about my 3-year-old? I know, I know. All the doctors recommend the flu shot in young children, especially those attending school since they're surrounded by other carriers of the flu. With so many runny noses in one classroom, I don't know how any of them stay healthy. However, there's something counterintuitive about sticking my daughter with a needle... voluntarily. And how do I explain that we're choosing to get a shot? Suggestions out there?

I asked my husband his thoughts yesterday & got the brush off with "Let's wait until she's feeling better." She has allergies or a cold or something not contagious, the doctor said last week. Hmm... I want someone to wave a magic wand to give my Little K the flu vaccine without the pain of an injection. I wonder if her Tinkle Bell wand would work?

Until the next nap time...