Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fresh Fruit & Veges Galore at Farmers Market

Despite the heat, we headed to Farmers Market this morning. I've struggled the last few weeks to get good apples. We prefer the really crisp ones. If my husband bites into an apple & it's soft, he immediately throws the whole apple away. In my mind, I really need the crisp apples & two local grocers could not answer my call.

Farmers Market to the rescue. For $15, we loaded up on lots of fresh fruits and veges. (We go through at least 6 oranges & apples every day.) Little K was delighted when the vendors cut her a fresh slice of watermelon at no charge. My sister Colyn seemed to keep Little K charged by handing her juicy mini-tomatoes, strawberries & grapes. It made lunch super easy.

Head out early to Farmers Market to beat the heat. Strollers are welcome. Kids young & old will enjoy.

Until the next nap time...