Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lessons in Childhood Friendships

Do you remember your first friends? How about your best friends from early elementary school? I do.
First grade brings new friends for many kids, myself included. It's amazing the lessons you learn about friendship as early as first grade. Luckily, I still keep in touch with a few of my best friends from first grade (Carrie & Cathy), although we don't chat nearly enough. Two of us still live in Houston so that makes it easier, I suppose. Many like my mom never lived long enough in one city to maintain those friendships.
C & K Prepare for Class
The situation is a bit different for the two girls pictured at left. They actually met when they were about 3 months old at nursery school. This week, they donned matching uniforms down to the white socks and white and navy saddle shoes. The grins almost match, too. First grade never felt so good.
It's interesting to watch your kids grow up, make friends, have their squabbles and then make up. It'll be a great ride watching K & C grow up. With one school that starts in nursery school and continues through middle school, it should be easier for these two to remain friends. While I encourage my daughter to make more friends and to be a good friend to everyone, I can't help but to appreciate the strong relationships she's already developed. Here's to looking back on photos like these in 20 years and talking about everything they've accomplished together.

Until the next nap time...