Monday, July 15, 2013

A Metal Mouth To Be

Before you get braces on your teeth, you always think it's cool to get them. As you can see from the photo below, Little K has her fingers crossed that she will get braces TODAY. 

Our orthodontist says (like her dad), K has a small jaw & nice, big teeth. The docs don't break your jaw like they used to. Instead, they'll likely put a spacer on the roof of her mouth & on the bottom. That'll expand the jaw so that when the rest of her adult teeth come in, there will actually be room for them. The braces will direct the adult teeth that are already in on where they should stay once there's more room in that mouth. 

K is a bit disappointed that she isn't walking out today with a mouth full of metal but we will in two weeks. Let's see how long her excitement about orthodontics lasts. 

Until the next nap time...

Saturday, July 06, 2013

There's A Reason It's Called Vacation

There's a reason it's called vacation. On the up side, I eat and drink what I want, sleep in, half make my bed and lay around in the sun casually. Down side? The baby doesn't get the sleep he needs so he is fussy and K doesn't understand why the last day of vacation she has to go to bed at 8 pm.

"Because," I say, "I'm the mom, I waited many years to say this, and this was on the mom test. Go to bed."

All this said (in fun), we've had a nice July 4th holiday weekend in Galveston with a bike ride down Seawall Blvd., visits with
several friends and family, a dip in the
pool at the Artillery Club, fireworks and more. Here are a few pics from the
weekend. So despite the fun, we head home tomorrow, only for K to head to Scout Camp while I return to work, laundry, etc. But that's why it's called vacation. It's an escape from the norm and a good reminder of why we work as hard as we do. Well, there is the mortgage, too.

Until the next nap time...

Thursday, July 04, 2013

When This Parent's Plans Changed

It's been quite awhile since I've posted personal updates. I've had my hands full ( literally) but more posts are ahead. Since October 2012, I announced my pregnancy with our second child, moved out of our house do it could be remodeled, had our son, finished our home remodel & moved back in. Mr. G is now 4 months old & receives constant attention from 8-year-old big sis, K. 

I'm afraid I can't call my daughter Little K any more. The contrast between the 2 kids is striking. Trent half teases that I should mention that, yes, both kids have the same father! I had no intention of having children so spread apart in age but life doesn't always stick to my plans. In fact, when K was about 6 years old, I changed my mind about having another child. Those details will have to wait for another post. 

Today, July 4, 2013, I'm thankful for so many freedoms and for a family that Someone much smarter than me planned. Thank you, Lord.

We're off to a party in Galveston with Taylor Swift blaring & the baby cooing to his sister singing.  I wonder if Taylor Swift will still think in 25 years that her ex is mean. I say, it's a fun song but there are great things ahead, honey. Get ready!

Until the next nap time ....