Thursday, January 10, 2008

Artist of the Sky

Earlier today, I was thinking about our holidays and remembered the cutest thing that Little K said. We were on our way to Galveston to visit my in-laws. It had been a long day and nearing dinner time. From the back seat, my husband & I could hear Little K starting to whine. She was tired of being in her car seat and needed a distraction.

My mind raced to find some diversion. We started looking out the window at the clouds. It was nearing sunset and the clouds shimmered in pinks, oranges and purples. I was amazed at the beauty as Little K carefully described the sight. She grew quiet momentarily and then asked, "Who painted the sky?"

Trent & I looked at each other & smiled. It was such a cute thought.

"Who do you think painted the sky," I asked. "Who made it?"

Little K concluded that God painted it and my head must have grown a number of feet wider. (Well, at least I'm honest.) But I also felt so lucky at that moment. That my daughter had noticed nature's beauty right in front of us all. It's a great reminder to me.

Until the next nap time...