Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Testing for Peanut Allergy... Again

Today, I picked up Little K from nursery school and headed to Quest Diagnostics. She had to have blood drawn so that we could run the annual tests to determine if her gradation of peanut allergy has remained the same, gotten worse or gotten better. We're hoping for the latter.

I've struggled on how to handle this because having blood drawn is not fun for anyone, much less a 3 year old. I simply told her this morning that we would get tested again for peanut allergy and then get a treat. We talked a little more about it off & on but I knew it wasn't really sinking in. I didn't mention needles or shots. Is this the best way to handle this?

I remember as a child realizing that we were heading to Dr. Gardner's office when I recognized the creepy trees. My mom later explained that I would freak out at the thought of a shot so she chose not to mention it in advance. If I point-blank asked her about it, then she'd disclose the matter. I want to choose another path in explaining medical trips to my daughter but I'm still figuring it all out.

When Little K saw the medical equipment, she panicked. She was sitting on my lap. I was instructed to hold both arms still so the tech could insert the needle. Lovely. In a minute, we were done but crocodile tears streamed from Little K's eyes. Afterward I bought her a popsicle (which she didn't like) and then a snowcone (which she loved -- more on that later).

Thank goodness this is only done once a year. Until the next nap time...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jenni's Noodle House Rocks

I had forgotten how much I like Jenni's Noodle House. Although the "new" location on Shepherd has been open almost a year, we just visited it this Saturday. This location is much safer than the old downtown location. We highly recommended Jenni's for Asian flair with a twist. It's super casual and easy with kids. (You'll notice Little K wearing her Disney Princess costume.)

When we arrive, the manager welcomes us warmly and asks if my daughter wants noodles or rice, showing her photos of the kids plates. Why don't other restaurants show the kids what the food looks like? It's so much easier for kids to pick that way. Little K's lunch is prepared and delivered quickly. Ahhh. The adults peruse the menu while tunes of Johnny Cash float through the air. Funny, huh?

The food is fast and delicious. Our little one loves the “Slippery Noodles” and even tries the chop sticks. But the staff is her real favorite. The manager engaged our daughter warmly and rewarded her for eating all her lunch with a Jenni’s Noodle House temporary tattoo. He even helped her apply the tattoo in the restaurant. Upon our departure, he was rewarded with a big hug and a high five from my daughter. This is truly one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in town.

Physical location: 3111 South Shepherd Dr. at West Alabama; 713-523-7600
Hours: M-Sat 11 am-10pm
Kid Friendliness: A
Food Quality A
Price: $$

Until the next nap time...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Is TeleTubbies to Childish for a 3 Year Old?

My husband does NOT like the TeleTubbies on PBS. I can't really blame him. They don't really talk so it goes against me telling Little K to "use her words." Still, Little K makes up interesting excuses to watch the show sometimes.

This morning, I put on another show but Little K quickly squawked, saying she wanted to watch TeleTubbies because Curious George followed that show. When my husband returned to the room, he tried to convince her (as he always does) that TeleTubbies is too baby-ish for her. Little K quickly corrected him today.

"No, I want to watch TubbyTubbies," she replied. It's hard not to laugh.

Trent followed me out of the room only to point out the independent nature of our 3 year old.

"Didn't someone pray for that?" he questioned.

Yes, I did pray for an independent child. I just hope she sticks with it when she gets to middle & high school. For now, TeleTubbies can keep on playing.

Until the next nap time...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome Baby Claire

Well, she's just so cute.

At left, there's a photo of my mom "Grand", my daughter "Little K" and the newest addition to our extended family Claire.

I have to admit it seems like ages ago that my own daughter was this small. Technically, I never saw Little K this small. While Little K weighed 9 pounds 1.4 ounces, Claire weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces at birth... but that's besides the point.

It's truly amazing to think of everything that must go right in order for a person to be born. Seeing a newborn reminds me of what a miracle life really is.

I can't wait to begin spoiling Claire, although I'm watching my own daughter to make sure she gets plenty of positive attention, too. (Any tips from my blog readers out there?) While Claire is Little K's cousin, not sister, I'm wondering if Little K will become jealous of the youngest family member. So far, Little K just studied Claire contently and enjoyed helping the baby with her pacifier.

Mom Colyn and Dad Victor are doing great. They'll actually stay at the hospital until Thursday but since they're at Memorial Hermann Northwest, they're super close either way. Oh how much fun. Plus, my cousin Jon and wife Lisa are expecting twins this fall so our family is growing again.

Until the next nap time...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Watch 2008 Continues

When you are pregnant and you go past your due date, it's a big deal... literally and figuratively. I went one day over my due date with Little K and was out of my mind. I just couldn't wait to meet my daughter.

My sister's baby was due last Friday... yes, that's 3 extra days as of today. Colyn went to the doc today and schedule an appointment to be induced this upcoming Friday, July 25. Apparently, her insurance requires her to wait an entire week after her due date before inducing. Do they have any idea how excited I am to meet this little girl? Colyn continues to wait, of course, as does her husband Victor. Come on, Friday!

Closer to home, Little K was adorable last night. She spent the entire weekend with my parents Grand & PaPa so she was extra snuggly last night. Trent & I let her stay up late since we hadn't seen her all weekend. We went swimming after dinner, then headed up for bedtime stories. Little K and I cuddled in her big girl bed, while Daddy read us stories. (Knuffle Bunny is hillarious.) When it was time for Trent & I to leave, Little K begged for me to sleep in her bed with her. I explained that I have my own bed.

Then, she turned to Trent and asked: "Please can Mommy sleep with me tonight?"

Funny, really. I promised to lay with her for 5 minutes but we both had to close our eyes. I awoke an HOUR later. Little K was still awake but resting nicely. I kissed her good night, promising to paint artwork with her after school on Monday.

When I went downstairs to tell my husband that I fell asleep in Little K's room, he simply responded with a smile: "I figured."

I have to admit: I loved the cuddling. There's just nothing like being snuggle bunnies with your little ones.

Until the next nap time...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cool Off with the Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Pack 40 invites all boys ages 6-11 and their families for:
When: Saturday, July 19 from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Where: Northwest YMCA at 1234 West 34th St.
More info-Cubmaster Sam Stengler-281-773-3478

YMCA rules require that swimmers aged 6 and under be accompanied by an adult who in the pool with the child at all times
Until the next nap time...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Hair Cut

At what age should your child's first hair cut be?

I think boys likely get their first trim earlier. Little K's hair is so long but people are always surprised that she hasn't had her first hair cut although she's 3.5 years old.

Today was Little K's big (hair) day.

I took her to Salon Vendome on San Felipe near the Galleria since I've had Jeff Brandon cutting and highlighting my hair for almost as long as I've been married. Jeff has a daughter of his own so he understands how we value long locks. He promptly propped K up on a booster and gave her a leopard "cape". Then, he went to work on the Princess. I couldn't believe how still my daughter sat. I assure you our morning hair styling is much more challenging.

Both Mommy & K emphasized that we only wanted to trim the dead ends off, not much at all. Jeff had her hair trimmed in about 5 minutes and then did this super cool French brain from one to the other, with an extra hair hanging beautifully along her back.
Big kuddos to Jeff Brandon for making Little K's first hair cut a sensational show. Little K feels like a gorgeous Princess and couldn't wait to show her daddy her new hair-do.
Until the next nap time...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a Weekend

We've had a really nice weekend. Some friends came over Friday night for burgers & hot dogs. Little K played with her friend Little C until almost 10 pm when we all cratered. It was fun to just catch up with adult conversation, too.

Saturday found us running errands and then working on our Honey Do List for several hours. While I pruned our landscaping, Trent fixed the door bell and door weather stripping as well as washed the back windows from the outside. Our bodies are still sore. Then we met Miss Weefee (just a love name, not her real one) and Mr. Steve at Mardi Gras Grill on Durham. The food was good but the hush puppies were the best.

This morning, we went to church and then to Jax Grill for lunch with my sister, Uncle Victor and their to-be-born-any-day-now daughter. We capped off the weekend with swimming in the backyard. It'll be hard to get back to work on Monday.

Until the next nap time...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swim Lessons Conclude

Thursday marked the last day of swim lessons at the local YMCA. Little K really enjoyed it. She can now confidently jump to an adult in the pool and is practicing, freestyle, backstroke and side stroke. I don't think she could get herself to the side of the pool, if she fell in though. We're working on it.

The Y was good about teaching pool safety, although I laughed when the lifeguard told the 3-5 year olds that they should call 911 if someone was unconscious. Right. My 3 year old has no idea what it means to be unconscious. Oh well.
For the rest of the summer we'll practice swimming in our backyard pool. I'm honestly hoping that a private instructor in our area will have an opening/cancellation some time this summer. If not, I'll try to set that up early next year.
Enjoy your weekend. Until the next nap time...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th Recap

I'm running behind with our July 4th recap. We had a wonderful time -- building sand castles, walking the beach & watching the fireworks. Little K even played doctor on Popi, who turns out is better than we even expected. (THANK GOD!)
I'm not sure which photo is the best so I'll post a few. A special thanks to Aunt Margaret Irvin who sent the croquet game to Cici. You have no idea how much fun we had.
Until the next nap time...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Birthday Candles

This is too funny. Trent's cousin Pete sent us this YouTube video of his daughter's recent 3rd birthday party in Illinois. All was well, Pete said, until it was time to blow out the candles. Check it out. Enjoy!


Until the next nap time...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 4th Celebrations Around Houston

Fireworks displays abound around town. Here are some fabulous ones, plus I’ve noted some celebrations without the sparks. Before the fireworks shows, reassure your children and let kids know that the fireworks are loud but safe.

West University’s July 4th Bike Parade starts at West U Elementary at 10 am Friday and concludes at Colonial Park with food, fun, and festivities until 2 pm.

Bellaire’s July 4th Parade begins at 9:30 am at the Bellaire Triangle with the Festival lasting until 1 pm at the Bellaire-Zindler Park.

Don’t forget the Villages Independence Parade starting at 9 am at Memorial High School with a free Festival at Memorial Drive Baptist Church until 1 pm.

The Tanglewood 4th of July Parade and Carnival is 10 am until noon at 5200 San Felipe with clowns, face painting, bounce houses and more. Call 713-552-0505 for details.

Galveston celebrates July 4th, starting with a parade at 10 am at the Railroad Museum (25th and Santa Fe Place). From there, the parade will wind its way through historic downtown Galveston from Strand to 21st; south on 21st to Postoffice; west on Postoffice to 24th, and finally south on 24th to Sealy. Following the parade, there will be a 4th of July celebration at Sealy Pavilion (24th and Sealy) with patriotic entertainment, free hot dogs and lemonade, and free American flags for the children. There will also be musical entertainment. The 20-minute fireworks show begins at 9:15 pm and will last about 25 minutes. The setting is at 37th and Seawall but the fireworks can be seen as far west as 81st and Seawall, and as far east as 14th and Seawall. Physical location: 37th Street and Seawall Blvd. in Galveston http://www.galvestoncvb.com/ 888-425-4752

Pearland's Celebration of Freedom is an all-out family festival with craft booths and carnival rides. Admission is FREE, but bring your wallet for all the food, music and rides. Bring school supplies to donate to the city’s drive for needy students. Time: Noon-11 pm Physical location: Pearland High School Football Stadium at 3775 South Main http://www.ci.pearland.tx.us/

Chevy’s Freedom over Texas celebration with Fireworks is presented at Eleanor Tinsley Park along Buffalo Bayou near downtown Houston. This features a concert with several Sara Evans, Miranda Lambert & Jo Dee Messina. The concerts are followed by a huge fireworks show. Plenty of children's activities will also be available. This is the largest land-based fireworks display in the nation! Admission: $8 per person, Kids 10 and under are FREE Time: 4-10 pm Physical location: Eleanor Tinsley Park at Buffalo Bayou near downtown http://www.houstontx.gov/specialevents/cfot/index.html

Rosenberg’s signature July 4th event includes a concert, an inflatable carnival, KidZone, horseshoes and washer tournaments, food and refreshment vendors, hayrides through Seabourne Creek Park, and a great fireworks show. Guests are asked to bring their lawn chairs, their family and all their friends, but to please leave the pets and alcoholic refreshments at home. General event parking will be available immediately south of the event site. Event Partner parking and handicapped parking will be available at the Rosenberg Civic and Convention Center at 3825 Highway 36 South. Time: 5-10 pm Physical location: Seabourne Creek Park located at 3831 Highway 36 South http://www.rosenbergtourism.com/ 832-595-3520

Sugarland's annual Red, White and Bluefest will be held in Sugarland at Oyster Creek and Lost Creek parks. If you stay for the fireworks, it's a long evening but a fun one. The holiday activities include jugglers, magicians, parade, music and fireworks. Time: 4:30-11 pm Physical location: Oyster Creek and Lost Creek parks but take the shuttle from Mercer Stadium at 16403 Lexington Blvd http://www.sugarlandtx.gov/ 281-275-2885

Houston Symphony's Star Spangled Salute: Enjoy beautiful American tunes synchronized to the annual celebration at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park in the museum district. Thousands flock to this event site and it remains a great family outing. Bring a large blanket to lie on the hill so your family can lean back, relaxing to the sights and sounds. Music plays until dark when the music is then accompanied by wonderful fireworks. Admission: FREE Time: 8-10:30 pm Physical location: Hermann Park http://www.houstonsymphony.org/

11th Annual Red, Hot and Blue Festival and Fireworks Extravaganza is a 23-minute fireworks show at Waterway Square. This is the second largest in the greater Houston region, second only to downtown Houston’s show. The soundtrack for The Red, Hot & Blue Festival Fireworks is simulcast on Houston’s Sunny 99.1 radio station. Admission: FREE Time: 11 am-8 pm Physical location: Waterway Square in The Woodlands www.Town-Center.com/RedHotBlue

Kemah Fireworks: If you have older kids, this is a fun outing. Stroll through the shops on the Kemah Boardwalk, enjoy a tasty dinner overlooking the water and then watch the fireworks show. This is the same show seen each Friday and Saturday throughout June and July but gives the family plenty to do, including amusement park rides and shopping. Enjoy the fireworks show shot over Galveston Bay at 9:30 pm. Admission: FREE Time: dinner - 9:30 pm Physical location: Bradford and 2nd Street in Kemah http://www.kemahboardwalk.com/ 877-AT-KEMAH (887-285-3624)

Be safe! Until the next nap time...