Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Week Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. It was one of my favorites with a no stress meal at home with Trent & Little K. Ahh.

Last night, we opened a few gifts, including one that Little K made at school. A paper heart with plenty of colors and cut-outs with a photo of my little girl in the center... with a frown. It about broke my heart. The photo was taken last Monday (I think) & my typically bubbly daughter just wouldn't smile for the photo. When I asked her why she was sad in the photo, she simply said "because". This is when my mothering instincts kicks into high gear. Last week, I had a very stressful week and, while this week has been better, I've admittedly been coming out of the fog, so to speak. While Little K loves school, I think I can sense when she needs me more. When Mommy is stressed, it affects the entire household. (Sorry.) Could my stressed-out manner negatively impact my daughter? You bet.

This morning, Little K awoke at 5:15 am. We ate breakfast together, watch a bit of TV and then read an Elmo book together. After brushing our teeth together, we drove to school & I hung out there a bit. I promised to pick Little K up early today so we could spend time together. She clung to Mommy. Well, to be honest, I'm getting my hair highlighted at 1 pm and my sister's wedding rehearsal starts at 5 pm so I better pick Little K up around 3:30 pm. I'm hoping that some snuggle time today and throughout the weekend, combined with a more upbeat Mommy will turn Little K's frown upside down. Any suggestions from my friends & readers?

Trent was quick to point out that Little K certainly could have had a tough moment or maybe just didn't want to stop playing long enough to take her photo. I don't buy that though. Here's hoping today is a good turning point.

I will say a good thing happened yesterday & this morning. Little K's Great Grandfather mailed her a mini moose stuffed animal for Valentine's Day & it's been a big hit. "Moose E. Moose" (named after a character on the Noggin Network) slept with Little K last night & was the show & tell hit at nursery school today. He's now patiently sitting in my car, waiting for us to pick up Little K from school this afternoon. Yeah. This fuzzy guy really made Little K smile.

Until the next nap time...