Monday, September 14, 2009

PreK Posse Takes on Houston's Food Allergy Walk 2009

So this Saturday, our family and some wonderful friends participated in the 2.5-mile Food Allergy Walk. The purpose was to raise awareness of food allergies and help fund research to find cures.
OR as one little friend told me: "We're walking so we can get money to give the doctors to help (Little K) not be allergic to peanuts any more." That was enough to motivate me to walk the 2.5 miles, even with Little K on my back for a sizeable portion of it.
I caught myself tearing up when I saw on the backs of our (big & small) friends: "I am walking for Little K.". Ten children and many parents headed down Allen Parkway that gray morning but it seemed like fun for most of us. I even had a small competition with two of the boys. They just wouldn't let me win.
After completing the walk, the kids pulled together enough energy for several Moonwalks, snowcones and muddy feet (thanks to the light rains on Friday and the Saturday activities in a nearby field). I visited a few small tents that had tons of information and products for families with food allergies. I picked up peanut-free snack bars, restaurant guides and more. It was quite helpful but also opened my eyes to those with worse food allergies than my daughter. (One mom told me her son is allergic to protein. He can only eat 5 grams of protein a day or his body goes into anaphylactic shock! No way!)
By noon, we were all exhausted. I looked around at these families, who got up early on a dreary Saturday morning, dragging kids into downtown Houston. They got nothing out of this but a bit of exercise that day. I'm wrong. They've won friends for life.
Until the next nap time...