Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Stay Dry in Houston while Painting Your Own Pottery

After a day of Summer Safari (camp), the rain started pouring really hard at our house. Still, Little K and I wanted to do something special together. So, we headed to Young at Art Studio in the Heights.

Once there, we dried off and then picked two large tiles to paint. At left, Little K shows off her tile with a collage of flowers on a red background. Apparently, I was taking too long because my daughter also had time to color a page with markers and stamps, thanks to Mrs. Laura's creativity.

At the end, we headed back out into the downpour to return home. We'll pick up our tiles next week after they've been fired. We're hoping to do enough off them to create a new tile top on my old sewing machine table. Good thing we started last summer!

Young at Art Studio is still one of our favorite ways to get out of the Houston heat or rain. Maybe we'll see you there.

Until the next nap time...

Post-Partum Depression

A friend of mine was recently blessed with the birth of a daughter. While very excited, she is struggling a bit  through post-partum depression. She is seeing a post-partum specialist so I feel like she is on her way to healthy feeling. Still, I'd like to do something fun but simple for her.

Any suggestions?

Until the next nap time...