Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Houston Zoo Still Fun for Kids

Today, we took a family trip to the Houston Zoo. The adults found ourselves comparing the Zoo of our young days to the current venue. Wow! A lot has changed and our children have so much more to see and experience. Our daughter Kylie especially enjoyed the petting zoo, including the chickens, sheep, goats and more. While December and January are great months to visit the Zoo, I would still suggest going at opening time. We got there at 3 pm and the parking lot was packed. My husband joked: "Too bad the Zoo closes in two hours. It'll take us an hour to get to the front gate." The temp was a nice 78 today but usually I'd advise bringing a coat. I'd also bring a change of clothes for the little ones since the Zoo has added the dancing fountains that more and more places are including to add some fun for the kids. The Zoo gets a gold star for traditional family fun... even after all the years!

Until the next nap time...