Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jenni's Noodle House Rocks

I had forgotten how much I like Jenni's Noodle House. Although the "new" location on Shepherd has been open almost a year, we just visited it this Saturday. This location is much safer than the old downtown location. We highly recommended Jenni's for Asian flair with a twist. It's super casual and easy with kids. (You'll notice Little K wearing her Disney Princess costume.)

When we arrive, the manager welcomes us warmly and asks if my daughter wants noodles or rice, showing her photos of the kids plates. Why don't other restaurants show the kids what the food looks like? It's so much easier for kids to pick that way. Little K's lunch is prepared and delivered quickly. Ahhh. The adults peruse the menu while tunes of Johnny Cash float through the air. Funny, huh?

The food is fast and delicious. Our little one loves the “Slippery Noodles” and even tries the chop sticks. But the staff is her real favorite. The manager engaged our daughter warmly and rewarded her for eating all her lunch with a Jenni’s Noodle House temporary tattoo. He even helped her apply the tattoo in the restaurant. Upon our departure, he was rewarded with a big hug and a high five from my daughter. This is truly one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in town.

Physical location: 3111 South Shepherd Dr. at West Alabama; 713-523-7600
Hours: M-Sat 11 am-10pm
Kid Friendliness: A
Food Quality A
Price: $$

Until the next nap time...