Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Allergy Update & Book Store Fun

After last week's trauma with the peanut allergy, Little K and I paid our pediatrician a visit yesterday. Dr. Mike quickly referred us to Allergy & Asthma Associates for official food allergy testing. "Okay," I said. It's sounds smart to me. As our doctor pointed out, if last week's episode was a fluke, we shouldn't avoid peanuts for life. Let's get better equipped.

Unfortunately, when I called to make an appointment, I was told that we first have to come in for an hour consultation before any testing will be done. As I inquired further, I discovered that these allergy experts want to first "consult" and then in a SEPARATE APPOINTMENT do the testing. Hmm. I'm wondering if these docs realize how challenging it can be to wrestle a toddler into the car when she'd rather play in the puddles on the driveway. Well, I'll give in again and go to the consulting appointment. Wish us luck. I wonder if the whole process will be this big of an ordeal. For my daughter's sake (okay, & for my sanity), I hope it gets easier.

If you live near Jersey Village and need something to do with the kids this weekend, head out to Barnes & Noble at The Center in Copperfield on Saturday morning. This store has a great morning planned. I'll be visiting with parents & grandparents near the entrance of the children's department around 10:30 am. Then, at 11 am, the store has the American Girl Book Club on the children's dept. stage. I'll be talking about my book and how it helps Houston area families find fun things to do. (Remember: spring break is around the corner!) At noon, storytime with Clifford the Big Red Dog begins. What a wonderful way to avoid the soggy playground and surround the kids with educational fun! Click here for more details and a map to the store.

Until the next nap time...