Friday, December 07, 2007

Words to Christmas Songs

If you're like any of my family members, you'll understand the need for a Web site with the words to traditional Christmas songs. Although we sing these songs every year, we always forget a word or phrase. Other times, we make up words to the songs and don't realize we're doing it.

That's why I like the Web site, which has numerous traditional Christmas songs and the words. I couldn't copy and paste them directly from these Web pages so I right clicked on the page, selected View Source and then did a copy and paste of the lyrics. Finally, I deleted the
which came over from the html coding. Now I have all the words to those songs.

If only the site could improve my singing voice.

Until the next nap time...

Tips for Santa Visit & Helping Local Kids

For those of you thinking of getting photos taken with Santa this year, the Santa at Memorial City Mall had some good advice. First, he said not to carry the children up to him, but rather let them walk or push them up in the stroller. They sometimes fight the Santa experience because they are being transferred from a parent's arms. Santa also said he’s been told that a lot of moms show their kids a Santa movie a couple of times leading up to the visit so that the kids actually recognize him and he seems more familiar. He suggested the Tim Allen "Santa Claus" movie. On the other hand, "Bad Santa" with Billy Bob might not be a good idea.

Here's another great way to help local children and get your car washed!
Precinct One Constable's Office and our area Deputies are doing their annual "CRUISE FOR SMILES" TOY DRIVE. This benefits deserving Precinct One area children. Here are several ways you can participate and donate unwrapped toys.

Wed. Dec. 12 8 am - 6pm Dr Gleem Car Wash located at 3103 Ella Blvd

For a toy or $10 donation, you get a car wash and a complimentary BBQ sandwich. (Additionally, you can preorder BB Brisket and ribs for $20 per slab or brisket. Call Chief JC Mosier or Christine Kendrick 713 7555200).

Tues. Dec. 18 and Wed. Dec. 19, Santa will visit the Garden Oaks neighborhood Gazebo Park, off of 42nd Street, near Shepherd. Toys can be dropped off there when you stop by to see Santa.

Happy Holidays! Until the next nap time...