Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bluebonnets & Veggie Tales

It's bluebonnet time in Houston. This past Saturday, my daughter Kylie went with her Grand & PaPa to learn about the bluebonnets. They are in full bloom in Hempstead, too. Kylie loved playing with the flowers and the outdoors.

While Kylie was on a bluebonnet adventure, Mommy & Daddy worked the 2006 Houston Children's Festival in downtown. While we sold plenty of copies of our guidebook 100+ Activities for Houston Kids, a visit with the Veggie Tales was a weekend highlight. (Yes, I have shorts on behind that crazy apron.) If your child loves music, get tickets to the upcoming Veggie Tales concert on April 20 & 21. More details are available at http://www.bigidea.com/events/live/ but ticket prices range from $10.50- $21 each. This is great Christian music set to fun, silly tunes. The characters are full of life and great entertainment.