Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New School Year Starts Out Great

Yes, we've been quite busy with the new school year starting and Little K's entrance into Pre-Kindergarten. The requirement to be there by 7:45 am is difficult for both of us and we both miss our play time but are finding ways to squeeze it in after school and on the weekends. Thank goodness for that book. Smile.

I must be a nerd for uniforms and packed lunches because those are two of my favorite things so far. Weird. I love how all the kids look in those St. Rose Catholic School uniforms. The funny thing is it's the same uniform that my sister and several of my friends wore at St. Cecilia. My emails to girlfriends have really made them laugh.

Little K keeps telling me that she's not allowed to have a cookie in her lunch box which is not true. She's the only child who does not want dessert, I'm sure. Our school has done a great job of keeping her away from peanuts and peanut products due to her allergy. I think it's been a big shock to the school staff but they've been so accommodating. We are so blessed!

How has your school year started out?

Until the next nap time...