Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meeting Our New Twin Cousins & Painting for a Table

Last night, our family made a short drive to my cousin Jon's house. Just over a week ago, Jon & wife Lisa were thrilled with the birth of twin boys, "B&B" we'll call them. I was amazed at how little they really are, weighing in just over 6 pounds each. Their faces were smooth, perhaps because their Mommy had a C-section but who knows. The best was watching Little K interact with them. She was quite curious and wanted to know if she could play with their toys.

"It won't be long before they have tons of toys for you to play with," Aunt Lisa told my three-year-old. True. Time goes by so fast.

This morning, our MOPS group went to Young at Art to paint pottery. Although I wish I hadn't been rushed to make an 11:30 am conference call, it was fun to paint next to my girl. We each painted a tile for the table I swear I'll update before the end of the year. (There. Now I've set the deadline publicly. Hold me accountable, please!) Years ago, my mom gave me this cool sewing machine table that I really like. It just needs to have the top redone. We've been working on decorative tiles for about a year now so we should almost have enough. It's a great project to do with a child since they can create their own masterpieces and you can put them to good use. I'll have to keep you posted.

Until the next nap time...