Sunday, March 05, 2006

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Gets an A for FUN

Saturday afternoon, our family spent the day at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. The only problem we found is that we didn't allow enough time to do it all. Sausage on a stick, cotton candy & some drinks were our first treats. Then we headed to the petting zoo, which is FREE to enter but $2 for a small ice cream cone of pet food. It's fun either way. Kylie got a kick out of the goats. Brent liked the pigs and Noah was just taking it all in.

In AGventure, there are 10 stops for kids to see & learn about different animals and pick up a different animal trading card. At the last stop, kids show their 10 cards and are awarded with a small pin. We found the stops were too many for our kids (ages 8, 5 and 11 months). We wish they'd allow you to visit 8 of 10 or something like that. We opted to not find the 10th stop (we only had 9 cards!) and headed to the rodeo.

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The kids really enjoyed rooting for their chosen chuckwagon during the races. Noah (age 8) liked the bull riding. The boys got an extra treat when Colyn brought them light up toys for the performance. The toys cost $10 each which is a bit pricey for the glorified flashlight but it did keep all 3 kids extra entertained. Plus, the boys now have a token to remember the rodeo from. Amazingly, even 11-month old Kylie did fantastic during the concert, starring Martina McBride. We were sure to warn the kids that the show started with the lights being turned out, followed by a firecracker show. Kylie, who couldn't possibly understand what we were saying, didn't even jump when the fireworks went off. Instead, she danced through the performance. We opted to leave at 7:15 pm since we had been rodeo-ing it since 2 pm. The concert was not yet over but the family enjoyed a full day. Noah gave the day an A in terms of fun and I agree. Hopefully, we can make another visit next week so we can tackle the games & rides at the Carnival.