Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marriage in the Eyes of a Child

Tuesday night, our family was driving a short distance to visit my Grandmother. Her assisted living facility was having a family get-together so we were sure to attend.

From the back seat, Little K said: "Do you know why sometime I'm grouchy?"

My husband & I looked at each other quizzically.
"No, why are you grouchy sometimes?"

"Because Connor is taking a long time to marry me," my four-year-old responded, thinking of her little boyfriend who lives in Denver.

Trent & I howled. Finally, we pulled ourselves together and explained that she needed to be much older to get married but that we were pleased with her selection. Connor is the son of the bestman in our wedding.

How do you explain getting married to your child? Little K sees the Disney movies where Ariel (& the others) gets married at age 16 years old and thinks that's the norm.

Until the next nap time...