Sunday, March 08, 2009

Trip to the Houston Livestock Show

This afternoon, we made the trip to the Livestock Show and really had a good time. Little K loved the petting zoo, where she fed a deer, lambs, goats, and more. Her Daddy bought her a pink cowgirl hat that she happily sported. He couldn't convince her to try on boots though. Little K has decided she wants a goat for a pet. I told her to talk to PaPa. (We have 4 cats, no dog. I think the dog will be next.... definitely before a goat. Gosh, what would my neighbors think?)

We waited in line for one hour so Little K could ride the pony for $6. The company must make a killing every hour because the ride was not even 5 minutes long. But my little cowgirl loved it. In all honesty, it didn't feel like an hour because I was so busy people watching. Since we went to the Livestock Show while most people were at the Rodeo performance, the crowd was not too bad (okay, despite the long wait for the ponies!). I was really glad to do it as family. I have such fond memories of my parents and my Grandparents taking me to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo over the years. Now, it's my turn.
Next Friday night, we're returning for the rodeo and Clint Black's performance. We debated taking Little K and decided we would. While it will be a super late night for my almost 4-year-old, I figure it's a once a year occurence and she can sleep in on Saturday. I can't wait.
Little K refers to herself now as "Cowgirl K."
Until the next nap time...