Thursday, March 17, 2011

Houston Zoo

On Tuesday afternoon, I took Little K to the Houston Zoo as some spring break fun. We had a great time but will never return during Spring Break. We spent

~45 minutes trying to find a parking place -- any parking place. It was uber frustrating! I'd love to see the City of Houston & the Houston Zoo partner to invest in a parking garage for that area. I'd pay for parking if it didn't take almost an hour to find a spot.

Any ways...

Finally, we entered & lived looking at all the usual animals. For the first time we visited the aquarium section & Little K was thrilled with the clear tube that she crawled through, going right through the aquarium. Fish were everywhere!

I also liked listening to the kookaburra birds, which really sounded like they were laughing (just like the song)! The cheetahs were gorgeous too! The only bad thing (besides the parking) was that we ran out of time before we saw every animal! Guess we'll have to return again soon!

- Until the next nap time...