Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ways to Cool Off in Houston's Summer

My car thermometer said the outside temperature yesterday was 101 degrees in Houston. The temp could be off a bit but not much. The weather is so hot that someone last night compared it to heating up your oven and then putting your face inside. So how do you help your kids enjoy the summer while staying cool? 

Summer with a splash. There are several splash zones around town but the newest is at the Houston Zoo. Free with paid entrance to the zoo, your kids can seek refreshment and laughter in this new splash zone.  The Kathrine McGovern Water Play Park (shown left) is 13,500 square feet of fun with 37 different water play features, from a friendly and colorful sea serpent to a tall ‘fill and spill’ water tree, and a variety of ‘water weavers’, fountains, jets and misters. Shoot! Even I want to try this one out. Now I just have to figure out how to squeeze this into my work schedule. :-) Check out the video so you can see the park and kids in action.  

Of course, there's also Gateway Fountains at Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston. I love to sit to the side, sipping on iced tea, watching Little K and friends frollick in the fountain. It's free and an easy way to escape from the heat. Before or after, kids can also enjoy playing on the John P. McGovern Playground, which is just steps away. 

Regardless of which splash zone you choose, remember to bring a towel, change of clothes and plenty of smiles.

Until the next nap time...