Monday, March 31, 2008

Bluebonnets in Bloom

We had a great weekend filled with birthday parties and R&R. Kangaroo Kids proved to be a good choice. The inflatables were new and clean. The employees were quite helpful. Some of the guests noticed a strange odor at the end of the party. (I seriously thought someone needed a new diaper.) My husband said he thinks a sewer pipe broke. Any ways, I'm sure that will be corrected so check out Kangaroo Kids off Hwy 290 and Tidwell, behind the Party City, for free play or a party of your own.

After school today, Little K and I checked out the bluebonnets. There is a great field full of the Texas state flower. Just head to Loop 610 north and exit TC Jester East. You can park in the Boy Scouts parking lot and just walk across to the bluebonnets. It's beautiful. Spring is here. Yeah!

Until the next nap time...