Monday, September 17, 2007

Independence Strikes Again

"Be careful what you pray for. You just might get it." You've likely heard that expression & I'm living proof. Well, actually my daughter is living proof.

On Sunday, we went to church and attended the 10 am children's mass. I've always loved to see the kids get so excited about putting their tithe in the big basket on the altar at the designated time. My 2.5 year old daughter is no different. She carefully walked up to the altar, dropped the envelope in and then looked around... for quite awhile. When I could actually feel heat perculating on my neck from the glares I was getting, I stooped into the aisle & motioned for Little K to return to our church pew in the back of the church. (It can provide a quick escape which is sometimes necessary.)

Finally, I began to creep up the aisle but Little K was not interested in my motioning. In fact, it was time for the rest of mass to continue but this little girl just stood at the steps of the altar, enjoying her good view. Whoosh! The next thing I know my husband sprints to the front of the church and picks up Little K, who cried and reached out to our pastor. I turned beet red. The pastor, on the other hand, kindly waved good-bye to my strong-willed daughter who was carried out of church.

After a brief time when I could gather myself together & the snickers from fellow church goers had subsided, the mass continued. You haven't heard the best part though.

At the conclusion of mass, I held my daughter who said she just wanted to hug Father Clint. The pastor stood up and mentioned that little girl who had stood at the foot of the altar. People turned to look at me, my husband & my daughter. My temperature was rising again. Father Clint said sweetly that we should all be so eager to bring forth our gift and stand before God. My eyes welled with tears because I knew he was right.

After our pastor walked down the aisle to finish mass, Little K tore away from me & ran right into his arms. It was truly a moving sight.

Several people jeered our family after mass & I told them my real feelings. As parents, we are supposed to teach our child about God and appropriate behavior. I also know that when I was pregnant with Little K, I prayed that God would give me an independent child. When she grew into middle school & high school years, her independence would help her not be swayed by peer pressure, I thought. And of course, God listened. I just didn't realize that God can make our little ones independent from day one.

Until the next nap time...