Friday, August 06, 2010

Dig Taters

Many moons ago, my mom, sister & I came to Ohio in August to escape the Houston heat. The other years, we came in early June to celebrate the start of summer. June trips also meant pea picking.

This August, we found the weather in the low 80s. PaPa Don blamed the lack of peas on the rabbits as he had done in years past, although it is really past harvest time. I in turn taught my daughter the potato song:

"This summer I went to Ohio.
I went there to help PaPa pick peas.
The rabbits arrived there before me.
Dig taters cuz there ain't no peas.
Taters, taters, dig taters cuz there ain't no peas!"

When Little K found a little potato, she hollered "Souper!" since the little taters go in Grammy's soup. When she found the big potatoes, she threw up her hands & yelled "Mongo!", taking after cousin Lauren when she was a youngster (She turns 24 today).

I took a turn at digging up green onions & garlic, which I taste tested. It had such a strong flavor! I've since been told that I should brush my teeth. Oh well. I've freshened my green thumb & Trent is helping me with our own garden ideas.

- Until the next nap time...

Pa Pa Don Still Makes the Best Pancakes

Add together 2 eggs, 1/4 tsp

vanilla, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 Tb cooking oil, "some milk". Mix well in the mixer.

Put in a cup of Hungry Jack

pancake mix. Mix well. Add in more pancake mix as needed.

The mixer seems to really get the pancakes fluffy. However, the true test is in the tasting. Yummy pancakes! Thanks, PaPa Don.

- Until the next nap time...

Location:Dayton, OH.