Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playing Hookie

This morning, Little K just did not want to go to nursery school so... she didn't.

We ran an errand together and then met our MOPS group at Young at Art for paint your own pottery. At first, we attempted a salad plate with a princess drawn in the middle. I thought that would make a great "You Are Special" plate. One of my friends told me about that type of plate, which can be used on birthdays and holidays or just days when kids need a little boost of attention. Soon, Little K didn't like the fact that Mommy was painting most of it & asked for her own plate. Fair is fair. Little K's plate includes a handprint with pink and yellow designs. We can pick the plates up next week so I'll post a photo of our masterpieces.

Last night while putting Little K to sleep for the night, we said our prayers and Little K caressed my face, imitating how I prepare her for a good night's sleep. How sweet, right? Then she softly played with my hair, making small ponytails on either side of my head. Harmless, right? Then she shouted "LONGHORNS!" Hillarious! My sister-in-law should be proud. I cracked up.

Until the next nap time...