Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall is in the Air in Houston Area

After an eventful Grandparents Day in Houston, we headed to the ranch. I love it there this time of year. Not only is the weather a bit cooler, but the leaves on the trees actually change color in Navasota. Plus, we get to take hay rides.
Today, after lunch, PaPa had to run errands so we went to the local tractor shop. I know, glamourous. But Little K enjoyed playing on the "kids digger" just like they have at Dewberry Farm. When my dad saw her "digging a lake", he smiled and said he'd have to take Little K on a real back-hoe like he used to take me and my sister when we were little. Fond memories.
On our way out, we stopped for a quick photo shoot at the entrance, thus the photo at left. It was cleverly decorated for Thanksgiving, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. Not only is my birthday around Thanksgiving, but it also seems to be the forgotten holiday and I always pull for the under dog. The stores seem to go directly from Halloween to Christmas. Do you not remember how the United States got started? Enough of my soap box.
This evening, we went for a ride in the ranch buggy/ATV. I insisted on riding in the back with the cool kids, while my parents drove up front. It was cute to see Little K and her cousin Claire bundled up. I tucked them in with a blanket because it was cool and, frankly, my sister promised to release stories better left untold if her daughter came home sick from too much cold outside wind. I obliged willingly.
As Dad drove, our 8-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog ran diligently beside the ATV. The only problem was that we didn't want him to run that close. There was literally about 2 inches between him and the ATV. I worried that one of his legs would get run over. Apparently, my parenting "worry" skills also applies to the dog. Nice. As my dad tried to drive faster and lose the dog, I leaned out of the back, pushing the dog away and used my best dog commands to make him move away from the vehicle. No luck. Finally, we stopped so I could lift the 73-pound dog into the back of the vehicle with the cool kids. At last, he was cool, too, and enjoyed the ride. Why the kids smiled and laughed the whole time EXCEPT when my mom took this picture, I don't know. Oh well.
Tomorrow, we'll return to Houston but this has been a fun, relaxing weekend despite the rain. I have especially enjoyed spending time with my niece. The 1-year-old has been a good reminder of what it's like to have a toddler under foot. (An observation, not a wish for a second child..) She's has retaught me that, although she doesn't yet have many verbal skills, she understands most of what I say. It's also been good for Little K because she's forced to share everything... something an only child doesn't experience much. Interestingly, Little K has not asked for a younger sibling all weekend. My work is done. Hee. Hee.
In advance, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Until the next nap time...