Monday, September 21, 2009

In Three Minutes or Less.. This Could Happen to You

So last night, Little K & I took our baths and then I helped her get dressed into her PJs. When I was getting her PJs out of the drawer, I found some baby lotion that I used to put on Little K as a baby because it smelled so good. Of course, as soon as I explained this to her, Little K wanted to put some on. Fine. "After we put your PJs on, you can put some lotion on your legs and hands," I told her. I even dabbed a bit of lotion into her hands and then put the bottle back in her top drawer.

I quickly ventured to my room to trade a bath towel for my own PJs. I hung up my bath towel in the bathroom and met Little K at the top of the stairs. We headed down stairs for dinner. In three minutes or less, we had dressed and were on our way to a peaceful dinner.

Dinner ran long so at 8:15 pm, our 3 family members headed back upstairs to put Little K to bed. I noticed a slimey handprint on her antique dresser but figured she had too much lotion and accidentally put her hand there. I returned from the bathroom with a damp washcloth to clean it off. As I wiped this solution off the dresser, I realized it was not lotion. In fact, I was smelling a very strong scent of Desitin or something close. Slowly, the confessions began.

I'm told that Little K didn't think she had enough lotion so she opened her top drawer, found some A+D ointment (for diaper rash) and began applying the ointment... everywhere. She not only put it on her hands and dresser, Trent & I discovered globs, big globs, on two of her little chairs and blobbing on the foot of her antique bed. Blah. I was so angry that I couldn't even be groced out. It seriously looked like something from the movie "Gremlins".

Trent & I used numerous (no kidding) wash cloths to wipe the ointment off, noting just how well that ointment repels water. I told Little K that she would not have any TV on Monday and she couldn't go to her friend's house on Tuesday. (Yes, I've already given in.) Then, I told her she "was on red -- big time" like her teacher tells the students when they're not behaving in the class room. I never yelled but I really could not believe my eyes, or nose. Little K hid under her bedroom covers.

Today, the scent of A+D ointment is much weaker but her ceiling fan continues to circulate the air. I threw out the A+D ointment and put the lotion in the bathroom on an out-of-reach shelf. Finally, at lunch today, I explained to my friend Shelly the torture that Little K had put me through and laughed the entire way through the episode. Too bad I didn't take photos of the goop. You know the saying: "One day, we'll look back on this and laugh"? That day is today.

Until the next nap time...