Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ordinary Moments Are Special

I take a lot of photos of our family. I love my digital camera & I love my collection of sunshine & smiles, petting zoos & adventures, new ideas & learned facial expressions. The challenge when I look through hundreds of photos is that I’m rarely pictured there with Little K and often her Daddy. I’m the one behind the scenes or in this case behind the camera. It’s important for someone to play that role but every once in a while you want to see yourself front & center. Notice that I say “you want to see yourself front & center.” I don’t think it really matters what others see.

I did share these thoughts with my husband on a recent trip to Galveston & he understood. Every now & then my hubby would grab the camera & take a few shots. There were some cute ones, no doubt, & I appreciated his effort.

Then, there was the snapshot. My favorite snapshot. Little K & I cuddled on the sofa, pretended that we were sleeping until we both giggled like the silly girls we are. No make up, just PJs. Our hair dos are a mess. And we’re wrapped up in the moment of holding each other & laughing together. The rest of the world could go on by itself. We were only focused on that moment.

Isn’t that how life with your children should be? So even when you’re usually the person behind the scenes, take in that moment & know that you are so important to your child. You make them feel whole & they do the same for you. Every moment counts – whether you’re experiencing an over-orchestrated play date or snuggle time on the sofa. That ordinary moment may actually be the exact moment you need to see. For me, just cuddling with my daughter feels like one of the greatest reasons I became a parent, no, a mommy.

Until the next nap time…