Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Life is all about perspective. On Monday, Little K was getting ready for nursery school. She reminded me that we're not supposed to bring toys into the classroom. "Its the rule," she said. Then, an interesting conversation unfolded.

As she put on her sunglasses, Little K told me that a boy at school wears his "white glasses in the classroom" so she was going to wear hers. White glasses? I thought. Soon, I realized that indeed one little boy has reading glasses. By "white glasses", Little K meant that the glass was clear. When I explained that he needed those glasses to see like Mommy wears reading glasses when I work on the computer, Little K quickly told me that she just could not see a thing without her sunglasses. Right.

It never ceases to amaze me what she can come up with. Luckily, her perspective almost always brings a smile to my face. Until the next nap time...