Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In Mad Rush for Gifts, Remember Love (& Luck) of Kids

Well, the holidays are in full swing and there's just nothing like trying to get all those gifts before Christmas Day. Kylie & I ventured out after her morning nap today, but Kylie decided she was revolting against her normal nap schedule. Luck would have it. I raced through this store and that one & then headed home. I figure you just can't ask too much for an 8 month old.

A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer and begins chemo on Thursday. See her blog at http://lesterlink.blogspot.com/. Besides being a life-threatening illness that demands its presence be known, my girlfriend & her husband are now forced to postpone having children. And yes, they are wondering about the effects the chemo will have on future child-bearing years. But all of this makes me realize how lucky we are to have children. When you think of every thing that could go wrong, it's amazing any of us survived to have kids of our own. So the next time you're rushing out the door to grab that great book for your sister, remember the little ones just don't understand. Stop & look in their eyes and thank God you have them to toat around. You're luckier than you know.

Until the next nap time...